M620 MM G510

Bafang mid drive motor A6AH26MD Pro on sale

Bafang mid drive motor A6AH26MD Pro on sale
A6AH26MD Pro frame
Bafang’s powerhouse! With a maximum torque of 160Nm 500W,750W or even 1000W rated power output, the M620 is predestined for eTandems, eCargo bikes and high-end eMTBs as it will definitely get the heaviest loads accelerated on even the steepest incline. Due to the system’s dual sensor design, the rider has full control at all times and enjoys extremely sensitive responsiveness. In use with logistics companies across the globe.Perfectly designed to bring you all the key information at a glance. Bafang displays employ the latest technologies in an easy-to-use package, with exceptional connectivity that keeps the information flowing through any ride. Covering all kinds of setup, Bafang is an ideal companion no matter your style, from eMTB to eCity, and with Bluetooth and USB connection options, you can sync up your devices for a seamless experience.

M620 MM G510

Bafang mid drive motor A6AH26MD Pro 48V500W electric bike
Color: Matt black, Logo: HOTEBIKE
With quick release cables
With brake flashing rear light
1.Motor: 48V 500W Bafang mid motor M620-MM G510.500
2.Battery: 48V11.6AH battery with key (560Wh)
3.LCD display 5 speed level
4.Trye: 27.5*1.95 inch
5.Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame
6.Light: 3W USB front light
7.Transmission: 7 speeds
8.Disc brake: 160 disc brake
9.Charger: 54.6V2A EU plug
10. Max Speed 45km/h

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