The most suitable electric bicycle for commuting

At first, I just rode electric bikes in the morning and evening, and then I met some local electric bike enthusiasts. We spent a weekend trip together, and then I came up with the idea of upgrading my love of riding electric bikes. Finally, I have become more and more enthusiastic about riding electric bikes. But we will not go into details in this article today. We just start with the commuting problem and see how to deal with electric folding bicycles used for urban commuting. I want to know which brands are suitable for commuting.

The question I want to answer today is what type of electric bicycle is best for commuting.

First determine whether the folding bike can meet the basic needs of users!

1. The user one-way 16km distance, the electric folding bike of HOTEBIKE can meet the demand of this distance;

2. The car needs speed change function, one-way distance of this length, single speed car will be more difficult, if you want to choose a single speed car, tooth ratio is recommended to choose between 50:11 to 60:9, tooth ratio is too small after the car speed up, it is easy to become empty ring, make not hard; Too much tooth ratio will make it difficult to step on the starting stage and hurt the knee. Most folding vehicles with variable speed function are highway type variable speed system and wheel group, which consider the needs of urban traffic. While the HOTEBIKE electric folding bike.

3. Regular cycling cruising speed usually around 20 km/h (completely not tired no pressure, our team and the company’s girl riding the cruising speed no problem), considering the traffic lights and so on time consumption, 16 km away should be conservative in 1 hour or so to complete, whether to allow the original poster can look at the time;

4. When unable to ride a bike, the owner needs to consider the second and third alternative means of transportation (for example, I can’t accept riding with a raincoat on rainy days, fenders are not very useful, and it is not handsome);

5. Distance:

(1) flat road is the simplest, general folding car is OK;

(2) some sections have slope, so it depends on the Angle and length of slope. If longer or steep, the user will need teeth disc at least double disk drive system, directly spend more money with a good point road kit is better, will need to often change tooth ratio to save energy;

(3) how many miles are carried or carried? If there is a need to carry the car or fold up to take away the demand, then the weight of the car will have relatively high requirements, the general weight of folding car will be between 7kg-13kg, don’t look at such a little weight, because the irregular shape leads to awkward posture, generally can not carry long distance will be sour. If there is no shortage of silver, choose something that can be folded and rolled with a guide wheel or lightweight carbon fiber or titanium.

(4) how many bumpy, bad roads are there? If the turbulence is serious and you can’t choose a mountain bike, you can also consider some folding cars with shock absorbers. If the road surface is poor, the tires will be a bit more elegant;

6. Are there high requirements for space space? Different brands of different types of folding cars, folding shape and space occupation is not the same. I is a diaosi, live hand point big place, and the price of the car is not allowed to throw it in the downstairs by itself, so the space requirements of the car is relatively high, every day carry playback in the balcony is more assured, in the company on his desk by the wall also do not occupy a place.

7. In addition to commuting to work, do you need to ride out or be handsome? This needless to say, if there are, here is the introduction of the HOTEBIKE handsome folding electric bicycle.

Max speed:30km/h
motor power:36V350W
lithium battery:36V10AH
6061 Aluminum alloy frame
Front and rear 160 disc brake
1:1 PAS mode, range 50-80km per charging
Short charging time-only 4-6 hours
Shimano 7 speed gear
Multi function LCD display, one headlight
Tyre 20″*1.75


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