Meet Discover E-Bike: Your Electric Oasis from Port Angeles!

We are excited to feature one of our esteemed dealers who has been making waves in the world of electric bikes. Discover E-Bike is a family-friendly store located in Port Angeles, and they have been providing top-notch customer service and quality electric bikes to their community for several years now.

The store’s inception was inspired by the idea of having a business that was fun, family-friendly, and allowed people to explore Port Angeles in a different way. They began their journey in a humble trailer, where their commitment to exceptional service propelled their growth. Today, they count themselves fortunate to call a proper building their home.

At Discover E-Bike, there are a lot of customers who are unfamiliar with EBC E-bikes. With the industry leading warranty, customers are assured of the quality of the product they are buying.

The model RS, and E are the bikes that they have sold the most. The step-through models are particularly popular with their clientele. The E has been a big seller because of its price point while the R and S for their style and ride. There have been a lot of people coming back for model R, saying that it’s their bike!

When it comes to selling EBC E-bikes, there isn’t much of a difference as compared to selling standard bikes or another brand. However, Electric Bike Company stands out because of their exceptional customer service. Discover E-Bike has total confidence that their customers are going to get taken care of. Being a small company, they were treated as though they were like a big company. EBC thinks long-term, and they are in this for the long haul with great leadership.

Discover E-Bike doesn’t provide maintenance or repair services, but they have built relationships with two other bike shops in the area. All repairs and maintenance are referred to Waterfront Wheels and the Bike Garage. Building these relationships helps everyone grow and thrive in their community.

Thank you for learning more about Discover E-Bike! We invite you to visit their store in the area or check them out online. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features on our dealers!

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