Electric Bike A6AH27.5-S Full Suspension Bicycle

A6AH27.5-S is a super cool and value-for-money electric mountain bike, which can adapt to complex roads and is the first choice of many people. The use of reliable and durable materials, hidden lithium electronic batteries, looks very comfortable. Nowadays, low-carbon travel has increasingly become a popular mode of travel. Naturally, electric bicycles have become a must-have for families, and they are very convenient to use.

Motor: 48V 500W rear hub motor
Battery: 48V 12AH lithium battery
Tire: 27.5″*1.95 tire
Disc brake: front and rear 160 disc brake
Display: Multi function LCD3 display
Max Speed: 35km/h
Gear: Shimano 21 speed with derailleur
Controller: 48V 500W intelligent brushless controller
Front fork: suspension aluminium alloy front fork
Fully suspension: suspension front fork and suspension middle device
Size: 27.5″
Range per charge: (PAS mode) 60-100km

A6AH27.5-S has a waterproof multi-function LCD display, you can know more than a dozen kinds of data such as riding distance, riding speed, motor power, etc.; it has an independently designed 6061 aluminum alloy frame with strong stability; a fully shock-absorbing mountain bike with two front and rear Set of shock absorbers can drive safely and comfortably on uneven terrain. Hidden waterproof lithium battery, Easy to charge it separately, can realize long-distance driving; mountain bikes are variable speed, the big brand Shimano 21 variable speed gear increases the climbing ability, further range changes and greater terrain predictability. 48V 750W Rear Hub Brushless Motor, the maximum speed is 40-45km/h, with low noise.

At the same time, the overall strength of mountain bikes is stronger, and they have strong impact resistance. Compared with ordinary bicycles, they are less likely to be damaged when riding.


We believe electric bikes are charging the concept of travel providing a clean, efficient and exciting new mode of transportation.

Join us today in the revolution of green efficient transportation in style.



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