What is the Electric Bike Class System

What is the Electric Bike Class System?
Firstly, let’s have a look at the different classes of electric bikes you can buy in the United States.

Up to 48v  750W, speed is limited to 40km/h
Class 1 Electric Bike – 250w Pedal-assist only, top assisted speed of 25km,Optional pedal-assistance.
Class 2 Electric Bike – 350w Throttle-assisted, top assisted speed 30km,Optional pedal-assistance.
Class 3 Electric Bike – 500w Pedal-assist electric bike top assisted speed 35km with an optional throttle.
48v 750W & over, max speed 40km/h

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Class 4 Electric Bike – Classified as a moped or a motorcycle with the top assisted speed of 28mp/h+ and a motor greater than 750W.

Before purchasing an e-bike you should check with your local state regulations regarding usage and access for your class of bike. Some states prohibit access for certain classes of bikes on trails for example, so before you part with any cash, make sure you can use it for the purchasing intention. A great place to find information relevant to your state is ‘People for Bikes‘, an advocacy group that lobbies for considerate and sensible policies surrounding cycling in the United States.

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