Better Parts, Make a Better E-Bike

Are you a whole-y roller? If you ride an Electric Bike Company e-bike you are. We believe better bikes are in the details, so we make it our mission to source the best parts from around the globe and roll them all into one amazing ride. Two of our favorite parts to make a whole-y awesome ride (that can keep going, and going, and going) are our best-in-class batteries and surprisingly affordable torque sensor option.

EBC Batteries: Every EBC battery surpasses safety tests and promises to be the best on the market. EBC batteries are equipped with Smart Chargers and Smart Battery Management System. Together, these two features ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. On average, an EBC battery can last anywhere from five to eight years, depending on the extent of use. Plus, EBC’s 5-year battery warranty is one of the best in the business.

EBC Torque Sensor: So, while EBC batteries have you going farther for longer, the EBC torque sensor option provides better control, better efficiency (extend battery life even more!), and a more natural riding experience. Offered as an upgrade for only $99, the torque sensor detects pedaling force (unlike a cadence sensor which is based on pedaling speed) providing precise power delivery allowing for instantaneous feedback. This instant feedback makes it feel like the motor is just an extension of the rider’s own muscles, making for a very natural ride. Additionally, the greater control over speed and power, produces enhanced handling and improved efficiency for a safer ride, while also decreasing unnecessary energy consumption, maximizing battery life.

EBC is committed to producing the best American-made, custom-built electric cruisers in the world. We do this by using the highest quality, globally sourced materials and components, employing talented local bike builders, inspecting and testing every e-bike, and constantly innovating. All of Electric Bike Company’s e-bikes are hand-assembled in the heart of Newport Beach, California, and delivered fully built. It’s these details that keep us whole-y rolling as one of the most innovative, customizable, and exceptional brands in the industry.

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