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Spring E-Bike & Battery Care Tips

The battery is a crucial component of your electric bike. If you want to keep cruising with ease, you need to ensure you’re looking after your bike’s battery. A faulty battery can cause an array of long and short-term problems with your electric bike. Among the most common of these issues is an inability to utilize certain bike modes and inaccurate battery readings. Fortunately, looking after your bike battery isn’t difficult. By following a simple maintenance routine you can keep your electric battery in top condition and ensure your bike is always ready to ride.

Here are our top tips:

Charge the Battery the Right Way

Many riders aren’t aware that there’s a right way to charge your electric bike battery. The key to battery charging is to begin charging your battery before it reaches zero percent. You can also charge your bike according to how much battery you need. Some riders might need 2-3 hours of charging while those traveling further distances will require slightly longer charging times. Always remember not to overcharge your battery and remove the charging cable as soon as you reach 100%.

Store Your Battery in the Right Place

When you’re not using your electric bike, you need to consider how you’re going to store it. Electric batteries need to be stored in locations without drastic temperatures e.g. somewhere that isn’t too hot or too cold. Consider how temperature changes in your home throughout the seasons and store your battery in a suitable location. You also need to make sure your battery has some charge before you store it away. Continue the up keep by charging your battery once a month during non-use periods. Storing a dead battery or lack of maintenance could cause the battery to go into a “sleep mode”. If this happens, don’t fret, you can send your battery to us and we’ll get it going again. Contact EBC customer service for inquiries.

Manage the Way You Use the Electric Bike

Maximizing your electric bike’s battery performance and longevity is intricately linked to the balance between pedal assist and throttle usage. Pedal assist, by complementing your pedaling efforts with motor assistance, significantly extends battery range, particularly on flat terrain, making it perfect for leisurely rides or daily commutes. However, throttle mode, while providing instant acceleration for bursts of speed or hill assistance, tends to drain the battery faster, particularly on challenging terrain. By experimenting with both modes, riders can discover what best suits their style, with a recommendation to prioritize pedal assist for regular rides to conserve battery power, while reserving throttle for occasional boosts as needed. This balance ensures not only optimal riding experience but also efficient battery management, prolonging the overall lifespan of your electric bike’s battery.

Switch Off the Battery when You Charge It

Our electric bikes have an on/off switch. Switching off your battery when charging helps preserve battery life. In comparison, charging when the battery is on causes power to go to regular battery usage, which may hinder the ability to store recently delivered power. We recommend always switching off your battery when charging and only using your electric bike once the charging process is complete.

Charge Your Battery after Each Ride

The best practice to keep your electric bike battery in good condition is to charge it after each ride. Charging your battery regularly means your battery is always ready to ride. No one wants to start the day staring at that tantalizing low battery sign, so make sure you always charge your bike battery when not in use. Getting into the habit of charging your battery every night is a good idea.

Following these tips will keep your electric bike battery in good condition. Don’t forget, how you use your electric bike will affect the condition of your battery. And to maintain a high-quality battery you need to make sure you’re engaging in good battery maintenance.

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