To have a more comfortable ride, you have to find the right road handlebar width that fits you.

How to Find the Right Road Handlebar width

To find the right road handlebar width, simply have someone measure the distance between the two protruding points on front of your shoulders. Then find out how you want your handlebar to be measured.

2 Ways to Measure Road Handlebar

1. Center to Center

If the handlebar you want to use is measured from the inside edge to the other inside edge, just add 2 cms to your shoulder measurement to get the right size. For example, if your shoulder measurement is 38 cms, you need a 40-cm handlebar.

2. Outside to Outside

If the handlebar you want to use is measured from the outside edge to the outside edge, just add 4cms to your shoulder measurement. So for a 38-cm shoulder, a 42-cm handlebar is ideal.

If by any reason, you have not measured your shoulder, you can place the handlebar on top of your shoulders to find the right road handlebar width (see photo). Make sure the edges of the bar land on the sides of your underarms (which are in line with the two pointy bones on your shoulders).

Ask the manufacturer of the bar you want to get on how it is measured.

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